Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Car Accident

This afternoon I was going home and when I was fully stopped waiting for a left turner to turn left and all I hear is screching tires and a second later I was flying forward and slightly hitting the car infrount of me. I called emergency 911 and got an ambulance to come because of Bumpy and my neck hurt alot. I was strapped to the board due to the head rest hit the back of my neck. The car might be a loss because they had to tow the car because it wouldn't start after I turned it off as the police requested. I was taken to KP in redwood city. Which I find out actually has a L&D de partment contrary to SSFO KP. I kept asking for Jeremy and water. I was't told when the cop called Jeremy if he was told what KP I was at. I called and he was on his way and when he got there I asked him to called my dad because he needed to know and to call the insurance to get started on the claim. He couldn't do it but if he could he would.
It took them an hour I'd say or longer to get me out of the head board and cat-scaned. The doc stated he wanted me xrayed but some how his orders were not taken. I was discharged from the ER and taken to the 2nd floor to L&D. There they hooked me up to a fetal heart and contraction monitor and Hubby got to hear the HB (152 per min) for the first time. He was happy but wasn't too happy that he heard it at the hospital when I was injured. More tomorrow I am very tired.

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